While we were visiting relatives in Rosenberg, my husband's hearing aids malfunctioned. We were overwhelmed by the quality of the care he received. Annie and Kay are so friendly and knowledgeable that we felt comfortable and cared for even though we were away from home. We recommend this facility for quality care and feel-good service.
Richard Alan, on Google
New Sound has helped me since 2016. They are VERY competent and kind. To identify them by stars, I gladly mark 5 of them.
CJ Bibus, on Google
Love Kay and Annie. Kay does her utmost best to ensure that you're hearing @ your best level. I feel she's honest , shows integrity, really and truly cares about her customers that come into the office. Wait time is better than my PCP's office. Kay and Annie are a breath of fresh air. You know their concern is genuine. They actually take the time to get to know you. ❤️❤️👌
Shirley Miller, on Google
Kay and Annie in the Rosenberg office are at the top of their game! I have been going there for almost 4 years and could not ask for any better experiences. In addition to superior customer service they both are professional, knowledgeable, anticipative and attentive to your needs, always follow through on their promises and are the friendliest people anyone could ask for. They are always "up" and provide a breath of fresh air. If they ever have a bad day, no one knows. I have the utmost confidence in both of them and highly recommend them and the products they sell. Would be wonderful if all experiences with all types of service providers could be that productive and pleasant!
John Waddill, on Google
They take care of their of the people they sale hearings aids to.after you get your hearing aids you have appointments ever three months so that can fix any problems you may be having with your aids,not like others,like the first place I went and was fitted with hearing aids I was have problems and all they did when I went back in was to say I didn't have them pushed in to my ear far enough. And that was all I got from them. New sound is so much better they take care of their coustomers.
David Cubine, on Google

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